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After many requests, we've made it possible for you to 'feed our camels'. You can help today.
It’s social distancing with heart! We thank you from our heart, here at the beating red heart of Central Australia.
You get to choose which camel you want to feed (or share it among them all) and whether to feed for one week or even for one whole month.

If you have rode with us in the past, or when it’s time for our international and domestic friends to ride again, we invite our guests to gift the camel you rode with a stash of feed.

Thank you from Pixie, Good Boy, Cookie, Tjala, Shadow, Sparky, Dock, Saleh Mohamed, Milo & Gemel

Thank you from the cameleers of Pyndan Camel Tracks.

Average Duration: Feed a camel for a week, a month. You choose!

About Feeding our Camels

You can gift 1 Weeks worth of Camel Feed from $25 or 1 Months worth of Camel Feed from $100.
The gift of Feed keeps our camels' bellies full during Covid19 whilst we are unable to operate our rides.
Thank you for your support

15 Jane Road White Gums,
Lot 21259
Alice Springs, NT 0870

Other Information

Once you've added your camel feed to the cart you can nominate which camel you'd like your feed to be given to should you secretly have a favourite.
We love them all equally and your secret is safe with us!

Upon completion, you will receive a voucher confirming your purchase. This is instant and no futher redemption is required.

Gifts of Feed are non refundable, because ones it's eaten, it's gone!

Please note that this experience requires a minimum of 1 seats to run (seats do not always equate to tickets).

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